Long island in Andaman is one of the most offbeat locations in the archipelago. This destination is not yet discovered by many who know about the Andaman Islands. Fairly because of many reasons. The foremost reason that we see is the remote locality of Long Island and the poor connectivity of this destination. Besides, limited accommodation facilities are available on Long Island. Until 2019 this destination has decent popularity among foreign nationals. However, many Indian travelers don’t plan Long island in their itinerary as a visit to Long Island will require 10 or more days’ visit to Andaman.

Long Island can also be considered as the gateway to many hidden and unexplored beaches like the Lalaji Bay Beach, The Guitar island and the Merk Bay Beach at North Passage Island. The exotic and untouched virgin beaches, the Lush green tropical forests make it a perfect combo for natural rejuvenation and it is a golden feather in the crown of Andamans. It can also be considered a paradise for bird lovers if visited during the right season and has unique marine eco-system too. We are glad that you are here, where we’ll let you know how you can plan a visit to this island.